Associates in Science Degree, Visual Arts major 
Westchester Community College

  • Graduation Expected Date – MAY, 2018
  • GPA 1.2

Exhibition and Publication


Extracurricular Activities and Leadership

  • Freight team at The Home Depot (2013)

responsible for restocking goods for store opening

– keeping work spaces clean and safe for other employees and customers

– tasks includes heavy lifting and orginization

  • Plumbers assistant (current)

– responsible for managing, maintaining and organization of tools.

– keeping working environment safe

– ensuring work is being done correctly

– ensuring everything is operational when finished

– tasks include: cleaning, organization, operation of machinery, soldering,

heavy lifting and installation.



Personal Interests

  • Soccer
  • billiards
  • video games (action RPG, JRPG, stealth)
  • hand drawn 2d animation (frame by frame )
  • animals ( national geography )
  • card flourishes, pen spinning, ring manipulation